Author Guidlines

Download : Template Bakti Sekawan 

Bakti Sekawan : Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, accept scientific articles resulting from community service activities that have never been published before. The manuscript is typed using MS. Word, with Times New Roman font type, size 10, and A4 paper size (210 mm x 297 mm). The margins used are Top 1.9 cm, bottom 3.25 cm and left and right 1.43 cm

Manuscripts are submitted online via OJS Bakti Sekawan, namely

All authors in the article must be entered / typed in OJS when filling in "authors" in the article submission process. Written in standard Indonesian. 1 space between lines. Each paragraph starts about 3 taps to the right. Article writing system: Title (Indonesian), identity of the author (name, affiliation, and email), abstract (Indonesian and English) as well as keywords, Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments, and Bibliography.

The title of the article is no more than 14 words, with alignment Center, with Times New Roman Font, size 24 pt Bold in Indonesian.

Author identity, full name without academic degree (if there are more than 1 authors, all authors' names are written in full along with the affiliation and email of each author) using Times New Roman font with size 11 pt for author's name, 10 pt for italic affiliation, and 9 pt for the author's email.

Abstract is written in Indonesian and English using 1 space accompanied by 3-5 words or keyword phrases (written in alphabetical order), using Times New Roman with a font size of 10 pt. The length of the Indonesian abstract is between 200-250 words (the English abstract adjusts). Abstract is written in one paragraph, at least contains objectives, methods, research results, and conclusions. Abstracts and keywords included in OJS are abstract in nature, and keywords are in English.

Introduction, this section contains an analysis of the situation of service partners, the formulation of the problems encountered, and the solution options/methods offered. This section also contains supporting theories for the solutions or methods used in realizing community service activities.

Methods, this section contains the stages of carrying out activities, techniques or forms of activities, as well as descriptions of their implementation. The method should be made in the form of a flowchart or diagram and explained. If the method used comes from another source, include the citation.

Results and Discussion. This section contains a description of the results and detailed discussion of the community service activities carried out.

Conclusion. This section contains conclusions from the activities and suggestions for continuing the program.

Acknowledgments. This section contains acknowledgments to related parties. usually in institutions or companies that fund community service activities carried out.

Bibliography, Contains all the literature that is used as a reference in the article with a 9pt font size. Use the Harvard Style format and a minimum number of 5 references.